On this page my intention is to make predictions on the future, based on the current technological and social changes and my ideas about them.

My aim is to regularly add predictions to this site, with prediction dates for every 5 years (e.g. 2015, 2020, 2025 etc. etc.). During the years we can compare predictions with the developments of the time, which can open discussions about the time of predictions and whether these things will occur at all.

Below my first predictions. Over time this website will expand with more and better information. As a reader you always have the possibility of commenting on predictions with your own ideas, see the bottom of the page. For predictions which are important or which generate lots of buzz separate posts will be generated to elaborate on these ideas

Every prediction will have an ID number, the original date of prediction and dates of change (e.g. change in prediction date or change in description). Furthermore if predictions seem to become obsolete they will be put in a separate section “Obsolete predictions”. Predictions which have come true are in the “Succes list”.

The reader is encouraged to give his comment but also point the writers at inconsistencies in their predictions.

The following predictions are sorted by date.





2020. “Zwarte Piet” (“Black Pete”) has stopped to be a part of the Sinterklaas celebrations in The Netherlands.

date: 2014-8-28

6 years prediction span



2020. Telephones have become pocket computers which can be connected and used as a desktop computer.

date: 2014-8-28

6 years prediction span



2020. More and more people have a 3D-printer at home. A new industry has emerged of small companies creating innovative products on demand.

date: 2014-8-28

6 years prediction span



2020. Social media have grown with the further rise of the internet in developing countries. In rich countries people make a development from social media towards private media.

date: 2014-8-28

6 years prediction span



2020. Google Glass and comparable products have become part of everyday life.

date: 2014-8-28

6 years prediction span



2025. Robots become common workforce both at work and in home.

date: 2014-8-28

11 years prediction span


2025. The first man lands on Mars. In anticipation of this event new developments are made into moon travel; before this date new people have set foot on the moon.

date: 2014-8-28

11 years prediction span



2030. Life expectancies of 100 are quite normal now. People born in the 1950’s (which are now 75+) are still vibrant and healthy.

date: 2014-9-9

16 years prediction span



2055. Most people in The Netherlands use English as their primary language, although Dutch still remains the native language.

date: 2014-9-9

41 years prediction span


Succes list



Obsolete predictions


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